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We Transform Ordinary Tap
Water into Clean

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Our Story


To provide safe, affordable and sutainable water supply to enable the people to live better, healthier lives.


The leading water service provider in Bolinao with a strong commitment to quality service.

Why choose us?

Protect your family with one of the best water system

We produce high-tech solutions in the field of water purification that meet the most stringent quality standards and customer requirements. Purification is carried out with the help of innovative developments of the brand.


Our water system removes 99.9% of lead and asbestos and other harmful contaminants.


Provides excellent long-term value – enjoy fresh, clean water.

Easy to Use

Is easy to use, and even better, easy to install. Everything you need is here.

Our Services

Industry-leading technologies

Water System Development and Construction

Bulk Water Supply

Water Supply Improvement, Rehabilitation and Expansion

Septage Management

Frequently Asked Questions

The perfect way to select a quality water system

We offer the best results for water treatment in your home, apartment or manufacturing plant.
When does the District read my meter?
The District reads your water meter once a month typically during the first week of each month.
Why does my water bill increase abruptly?

Among the reasons for abrupt increases in water billings are:

  • Increase in the number of users under the account
  • A leak after the water meter
  • Unmonitored water usage or consumption
  • Erroneous reading by the water meter reader
  •  Interchanged water meters during replacement or installation activities
  • Defective water meter
What should I do if my water service connection was disconnected?
The District does disconnection for non-payment of accounts. If you have lost service due to this you need to visit the office to pay the past due balance and reconnection fee before your water service be restored. Keep in mind that payment for Reconnection fee made after 4: 00 pm, you will have to wait until the next day to get your service turned back on.
Where can I pay my water bill?
Payments can also be made at the following collecting agents such as:
What are the requirements needed to file a change of ownership?
  • Proof of Identification
  •  Proof of Residency
  •  Proof of Lot Ownership
  • Affidavit of transfer of rights of the outgoing concessionaire
  • Payment of fee for supersedure of service amounting to P 50.00

More than 100,000 families
choose us for their homes

When it comes to providing pure water for your family, nothing but the best will be done.

Trusted Partners

Natural water, Fresh Water, mineral water they are working with us. They work with us because we are giving them fresh, safe, pure and healthy water with trust and honesty.

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